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Conservation Stories

Every landscape has a story. Explore our work.

The time for conservation is now 

Our natural lands and open spaces affect our quality of life – influencing jobs, clean water, property values, and everyday health and wellness. We must take action now to conserve our irreplaceable landscapes and sites before it is too late.

Featured Protected Land

Cruze Dairy Farm – East TN

Having witnessed the number of local dairy farms in Tennessee decline rapidly over the years, the Cruze family did not want the same fate for their land. They decided to partner with The Land Trust for Tennessee to complete a conservation easement that will ensure the farm will be conserved.

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Family farms and working lands are a vital part of Tennessee. Farms help maintain rural character, offer tourism opportunities, sustain local economies, promote wildlife habitat, and provide local sources of food. We are the only conservation organization with a statewide, proactive farmland protection program in Tennessee.

Forests and wetlands are critical habitat for plants and animals and they filter water before it reaches our rivers and streams. We conserve forested areas, which also support sustainable timber for our economy and provides people places to disconnect from daily stressors.

Tennessee is one of the most biologically diverse states in the country. We conserve areas where plants and animals live and thrive.

Historic sites and landscapes provide a unique window into the past. We conserve places that offer educational reminders of the significant history of our state, including Century Farms dating back generations, battlefields, and sites listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

We all need places to get outside. We conserve areas for recreation, including city parks to relax in, rock climbing destinations to conquer, and rugged trails that attract residents and visitors from across the world.

From sweeping mountain vistas to views enjoyed on a drive through Tennessee’s backroads, our work protects the character of the Volunteer State – fostering a sense of place that is distinctly Tennessee.