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Castle Rock

Atop the Cumberland Plateau in Jasper, Tennessee, sits Castle Rock, one of Southeast Tennessee’s leading climbing destinations. This 30-acre parcel will be accessible and protected forever thanks to a strong collaborative partnership between The Land Trust for Tennessee, The Tennessee River Gorge Trust, The Conservation Fund, landowner Harvey Cameron, and The Southeastern Climbers Coalition (SCC).

Castle Rock – Jasper, TN

Castle Rock is located approximately 3 miles northwest of downtown Jasper. The climbing destination boasts nearly half of a mile of bluff line, portions of which are up to 120 feet tall, with nearly 100 sport and traditional routes that are popular among local and regional rock climbers.

From the edge of the bluff, climbers can see for miles across the town of Jasper and the Tennessee River, and Castle Rock offers climbers choices on how they get there. The sandstone turret that forms the bluff faces south and offers breathtaking views of the scenic Sequatchie Valley. These acclaimed bluffs are now a permanent part of the outdoor recreational community for future generations of tourists and locals.

From the Ground Level: Protecting Castle Rock

Jasper local Harvey Cameron and The Conservation Fund donated the land to the Tennessee River Gorge Trust (TRGT) in 2014. TRGT then partnered with The Land Trust for Tennessee to protect Castle Rock with a conservation easement that allows for continued recreational access. Through a lease with TRGT, SCC will continue to manage the property for rock climbing enthusiasts, which they have done since 2005. Click here to learn more about accessing the site.