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Why Land Matters

Special places across our state are not just pinpoints on a map.

Supports Local Economies & Businesses

  • Agriculture and forestry are powerful economic drivers for Tennessee, generating $81.1 billion in output and 351,000 jobs that support Tennesseans across the state. (source: 2019 Economic Report to the Governor of Tennessee)
  • Agriculture accounts for 9 percent of the state’s economy. Conserving land for these uses supports jobs and economic viability. (Source: UT Institute of Agriculture, 2018)
  • The outdoor recreation industry employs 188,000 Tennesseans and generates $21.6 billion in consumer spending annually. (Source: Outdoor Industry Association).
  • Open space in Tennessee provides billions in cost savings by way of flood prevention, pollution removal, storm water management, and more.
  • Access to open space saves communities millions in healthcare costs through increased physical activities.
  • National/State Parks, touring/sightseeing, and visiting historic sites are among the most popular activities for Tennessee visitors. (Source: TDTD 2018 TourismAnnual Report).

Fosters a Sense of Place

  • Tennessee is a top 10 destination in the US and tourism is the state’s second largest industry. (Source: TDTD)
  • Conserving distinct landscapes in Tennessee fosters a sense of place and supports the continued investment in our state.
  • Conserving land supports communities that are forever distinct – Even private land that is not accessible by foot by providing a sense of place and visual beauty.
  • Land conservation and open space planning safeguards from unplanned development and protects land that is highly important for agriculture, habitat, and other environmental factors that affect our daily lives and provides benefits to the public.

Encourages Community Health and Wellness

Tennessee Economic Impact Studies & Benefits of Open Space: