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25 Years Down, Forever to Go

For a quarter of a century, thanks to our supportive community, The Land Trust for Tennessee has been at the forefront of conservation efforts to protect and preserve the natural beauty of our beloved state. This landmark has us thinking deeply about the future of conservation in Tennessee, what protecting irreplaceable landscapes in our home state will look like, and the importance of stewardship in maintaining our promise of perpetuity.

We’re excited to continue investing in this future by developing our next organizational strategic plan, moving forward with a strong pipeline of conservation projects, and working with landowners to ensure the conservation values of the land we protect remain intact.

We invite you to join in the celebration by renewing your support with a gift, joining us for an event, or reaching out to our team about a conservation project. We’ll be sharing more ways to get involved along with conservation highlights throughout the year and looking forward to all the future has in store!

25 Projects for 25 Years

Throughout our 25 years, we’ve completed hundreds of conservation projects, from the mountains of East Tennessee to public parks in West Tennessee, and the rolling hills in between. Each project tells a unique story of love for our state’s irreplaceable land and the importance of conserving it for future generations.

To celebrate our 25th, we’re excited to share 25 conservation projects that showcase the diversity of our work. Each project represents a significant step forward in our ongoing efforts to protect the natural and historic landscapes that define our state’s identity. Join us in celebrating these achievements and recommitting ourselves to the vital work of conservation as we look ahead to the next chapter of our journey.