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Radnor Lake State Park

With more than one million visitors per year, Radnor Lake State Park is a beloved 1,368 acre natural oasis just 15 minutes from the heart of Nashville. Over the past decade, The Land Trust for Tennessee partnered with visionary landowners and state and local partners to expand the footprint of this Nashville icon and keep its views unobstructed for visitors.

Radnor Lake State Park – Nashville, TN

Radnor Lake State Park is considered to be one of the largest pockets of wilderness in the United States in such close proximity to a major city. Its miles of trails, ample wildlife viewing opportunities, and educational programs attracts hikers, photographers, and wildlife enthusiasts from Nashville and beyond.

From the Ground Level: Expanding & Protecting Views of Radnor Lake

  • In 2010, The Friends of Radnor Lake partnered with The Land Trust for Tennessee to complete a conservation easement on 10 undeveloped acres adjoining the park. This land was bank-owned after a failed development threatened the property. The property has since been transferred to the State as part of the Park.
  • Between May 2013 and 2014, The Land Trust for Tennessee partnered with the State of Tennessee and the Friends of Radnor Lake on two acquisition projects to add 63 acres adjoining the natural area’s southwestern boundary. Protecting these areas allowed Radnor Lake State Park to extend its current trail system, expand hiking and wildlife viewing opportunities, and permanently protect the view from Vanderbilt University’s Dyer Observatory.
  • In 2015, the Cheek family, Friends of Radnor Lake, The Land Trust for Tennessee, and the State of Tennessee partnered to add 15 acres of the family’s property to the Park. The property is located on the northern border and is visible from the trails of Radnor Lake.  This addition protected one of the last undeveloped bluffs overlooking Radnor Lake.