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Our Stewardship Team

Meet Sarah, Mike, Jack, and Mija - our Stewardship Team.Read more

Fall Color Hike at Glen Leven Farm

On Sunday, November 11, The Land Trust for Tennessee and The Nashville Tree Foundation welcomed dozens of community members to Glen Leven Farm for a colorful fall hike.Read more

Photos & Recaps: Once in a Blue Moon 2018

On Saturday, October 27, about 600 friends and family members of The Land Trust gathered under the moon and stars at Glen Leven Farm for our 18th annual Once in a Blue Moon, our largest fundraising celebration of the year.Read more

A Tale of Two Parks

Have you ever wondered what it takes to make a public park? One might think it should be easy: a […]Read more

Meet the Faces: Emily Quinlan

Conservation and community go hand in hand – that is, you cannot have successful conservation without the people who make […]Read more

Meet the Faces: Luke Iverson

Maps are a critical part of The Land Trust’s conservation work. Insightful, accurate maps not only enable us to better […]Read more