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Steph KarnsCommunity Engagement Manager

Stephanie Durno Karns is committed to engaging Tennesseans from all walks of life in land conservation.  As our Community Engagement Manager, Steph focuses her energy on building relationships that foster  awareness and participation in the critically important work of conserving Tennessee’s irreplaceable lands and sites, including education, volunteer opportunities, and community events.

Steph is the proud owner of a conserved property and she believes wholeheartedly in the mission of land conservation, particularly through conservation easements. Steph earned a Bachelor of Arts in Biology from Colorado College and has worked in wildlife conservation in North and Central America and Africa. Prior to her time with The Land Trust, Steph spent nearly 20 years as a wildlife biologist in the Rocky Mountains.

Steph loves the food, landscapes, and people of her new home in Tennessee and enjoys cooking and eating good food, hiking, hunting, and camping.  When she’s not actively working to involve others in land conservation, Steph loves exploring Tennessee with her husband, preferably on horseback.

As an owner of conserved land, I appreciate all of the hard work that land trusts do across the country every day.  I love teaching people about the value of intact, functioning open lands and our fundamental connection to our natural world.