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Purchase Protected Land

Are you interested in owning a property that will be protected for future generations?

Currently, there are no properties owned by The Land Trust for Tennessee for sale. Check back for future listings.

As part of the sale process, we will work with the future landowner to protect the land with a conservation easement before it is sold. This will ensure the permanent conservation of the land. For more information, please call (615) 244-5263.

The following properties for sale are protected by a conservation easement held by The Land Trust for Tennessee:

We will work with future landowners to make sure the conservation values of the land remain protected.

Did you know? In almost every case, The Land Trust for Tennessee does not own the land it protects. Most often, we conserve land using a voluntary legal agreement, known as a conservation easement, that empowers private landowners to own and their manage land while knowing its special characteristics will always be protected.